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Coastal Family Eyecare Blog

Learn more about optometry care in our blog!

Symptoms of Age-related Macular Degeneration

AMD, or age-related macular degeneration, is a disease of the retina and is one of the most prevalent causes of eyesight loss among people 60 years and older. Despite causing vision loss, it usually does not leave the patients completely blind. It mainly affects central vision, which means you can generally see perfectly well in your peripheral.

Risk Factors for Glaucoma and Diagnosis

Glaucoma is a collection of ocular conditions that cause optic nerve damage. The optic nerve functions as a conduit for visual images between the eye and brain and is crucial for good vision. Optic nerve damage is usually related to high ocular pressure, but glaucoma can occur even with normal pressure. The disease can occur at any age but is most common among older adults.

What Is Ortho-k (Orthokeratology)?

What if there was a way to correct your vision and reduce your dependence on corrective eyewear without surgery? That might sound somewhat unrealistic, but it is indeed a reality for many people. Eye care professionals call it orthokeratology, or ortho-k for short.

How Does TearCare® Treat Dry Eye?

TearCare® is a treatment alternative for people with dry eye disease resulting from meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). MGD happens when the openings of the eyelid's oil glands become clogged with thick discharge. The leading cause of dry eyes, it prevents oil from properly lubricating your eyes, causing tears to evaporate too quickly. TearCare works by loosening the clogged glands to help oil reach your eye's surface.

What Are the Benefits of Scleral Contact Lenses?

Scleral contact lenses offer hope for most people with challenging eye conditions. They are highly oxygen-permeable and rigid materials larger than regular contacts. Read on to learn more about their benefits.

My Child Failed Their School Eye Exam, Now What?

Vision screening makes it easy to discover if a child has vision problems. School eye exams are cost-effective and helpful, but they are not adequate. You cannot gauge your child’s eye health through the screening. However, it can be an effective way to determine if the child has a vision impairment. If your child failed their school eye exams, here is what to do next. 

Importance of Pediatric Eye Exams Before Returning to School

Getting ready to return to school is always a busy time. There are lots of things to think about – what books they need, what classes they will take, if they need new clothes, etc. Something that should also be a priority is taking your child for a pediatric eye exam with a qualified eye doctor. Read on to learn why.

Does Dry Eye Worsen During Summer?

Dry eye is a condition that occurs when the eyes fail to make enough tears or produce poor-quality tears. Tears help provide moisture and lubrication, both vital for healthy eyes. They wash away dust, pollen, and bacteria that could damage the eyes. 

How Do Specialty Contact Lenses Differ From Regular Contacts?

There are various types of contact lenses. The lens the doctor will prescribe for you will depend on your eye condition. The doctor will most likely recommend regular contact lenses for hyperopia and myopia. But if you have astigmatism or another eye condition, the doctor may recommend specialty contact lenses.

Importance of UV Protection in Sunglasses

The price of sunglasses does not always correlate with adequate protection. There are many factors to consider when buying eyewear for UV protection. A cheap pair from your local drugstore might prove costlier eventually. You could develop serious eye health issues if they lack adequate protection.

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