What Are the Benefits of Scleral Contact Lenses?

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What Are the Benefits of Scleral Contact Lenses?

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What Are the Benefits of Scleral Contact Lenses?

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What Are the Benefits of Scleral Contact Lenses?

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What Are the Benefits of Scleral Contact Lenses?

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Scleral contact lenses offer hope for most people with challenging eye conditions. They are highly oxygen-permeable and rigid materials larger than regular contacts. Read on to learn more about their benefits.


Increased Comfort


Scleral lenses may look bigger than regular lenses, but they offer more comfort. They are custom-made to fit your eye shape and size perfectly. There is little to no compression or pressure as they are gentle.


Scleral Lenses Give Amazing Value


Your eye doctor will custom-make them to fit your eye size and shape and deal with your condition. These lenses can help you see again and go about your daily activities with ease. You can live the life you want, have a job, and drive your car without struggling.


Scleral lenses can solve eye issues that regular contact lenses or prescription glasses cannot. They vault over the cornea to create a reservoir of tears to eliminate the need for eye drops. Scleral lenses also regulate your cornea shape to help you see.


Promote Ocular Surface Healing


You can correct your vision and protect your eye surface at the same time by wearing scleral lenses. They offer a fluid chamber that is oxygen permeable for your eye. As a result, they protect your ocular surface from irritants.

The lenses allow your eye surface to heal faster because nothing can scratch or touch it. They help patients who suffer from chemical burns or have had corneal transplants. They allow the eyes time to heal.


Scleral Lenses Are Ideal for Many Eye Conditions


Keratoconus needs contact lenses that will move around less when an individual blinks. Regular contacts can be uncomfortable with this condition and can even damage your eyes. Eye doctors traditionally prescribe scleral lenses for patients with eyes that are hard to fit with regular contacts. They are the only lenses that can center well if you have keratoconus.


Scleral lenses do not help with keratoconus alone. They can protect your eye surface if you get chemicals into your eyes or have a corneal implant. They can combat severe astigmatism and conditions like Sjogren’s syndrome. Some people choose to get scleral lenses for cosmetic purposes.


Care Instructions Are Not Complex


Scleral lenses are unique, but their care instructions are not complex. Caring for them is similar to what you would do for traditional contact lenses. You remove them at the end of the day, and you make sure to avoid putting them in water, taking a bath, or swimming with them. Their only difference is that they have a lens solution that your eye doctor will advise you to use.


Relief From Dry Eye Syndrome


As mentioned previously, scleral contact lenses vault over the cornea. They are different from conventional contacts that sit directly on the cornea. Scleral lenses sit on your sclera to prevent irritation and allow your eyes to heal. The space between them and the cornea stores tears to keep your eyes hydrated to relieve dry eye syndrome.


Scleral Lenses Are Long-Lasting 


Scleral lenses are rigid gas-permeable lenses made from long-lasting materials. They often last between one to three years. The initial cost is always higher than conventional contacts. However, you will benefit from the value they provide.


For more information on the benefits of scleral lenses, contact Coastal Family Eyecare at our office in Orange Beach, Alabama. Call (251) 974-1233 to book an appointment today.

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