How Does TearCare® Treat Dry Eye?

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How Does TearCare® Treat Dry Eye?

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How Does TearCare® Treat Dry Eye?

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How Does TearCare® Treat Dry Eye?

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How Does TearCare® Treat Dry Eye?

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TearCare® is a treatment alternative for people with dry eye disease resulting from meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). MGD happens when the openings of the eyelid's oil glands become clogged with thick discharge. The leading cause of dry eyes, it prevents oil from properly lubricating your eyes, causing tears to evaporate too quickly. TearCare works by loosening the clogged glands to help oil reach your eye's surface.


Treating Dry Eye With TearCare

TearCare is a computer-controlled eyelid device you can wear. The eye doctor places it manually on your upper and lower eyelids to remove clogs from the meibomian glands.


The device provides controlled thermal heat to your eye's oil glands to improve their function. Your eye doctor can adjust the heat to suit your needs. TearCare is a unique tool that allows you to keep your eyes open during treatment safely. 


Basic Facts About TearCare Technology


TearCare is the newest treatment available for evaporative dry eye. Here are some essential facts about the procedure:


  • It is a device that applies heat to the eyelids to ease congestion in the oil glands

  • It is a customized open-eye treatment that targets the root cause of high tear evaporation

  • It comfortably fits the distinct shape of your eyes and uses your eye blinks to clear your oil glands as the oil melts


After the heat treatment, your eye doctor will remove the blocked oil from your eyelids using special tongs.


TearCare is a 15- to 20-minute procedure that leaves your eyes feeling better immediately after the treatment. However, dry eye varies from patient to patient. The severity of your symptoms will determine how long it will take before your eyes feel better.


How Long Do Results From TearCare Last?


Research shows that TearCare can relieve evaporative dry eye for six months to a year. After your first treatment, your doctor may request a six-month follow-up.


Your eye doctor may suggest a one-month, three months, and six months follow-up to monitor your progress. Your progress will determine if you need further treatment. 


How Effective Is TearCare?


Studies show that TearCare outperforms warm compresses by significantly improving evaporative dry eye symptoms and maintaining results for up to 12 months. The treatment can restore your meibomian glands to their proper function. Your eyes can become suitably lubricated, relieving dry eyes.


Does TearCare Have Any Side Effects?


Your eyelids may feel a bit sore a day or two after the procedure. But the soreness is mild and will resolve over the next few days.


Are You a Good Candidate for TearCare Treatment?


Your eye doctor will determine whether TearCare is appropriate for you through an eye exam. Candidates for the procedure are:


  • Adults whose dry eye disease is due to MGD

  • Patients aged 22 and above

  • Patients with no preexisting eye conditions or health problems


You must remove your contact lenses before the treatment and should not wear them until at least one hour later. If you have preexisting eye or health problems, your eye doctor can discuss the best course of treatment with you.


For more on how TearCare treats dry eye, contact Coastal Family Eyecare at our office in Orange Beach, Alabama. Call (251) 974-1233 to book an appointment today.

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